Water Recycling

Water recycling from an ion-exchange system creates two options. The water from the system is virtually free from heavy metal ions and no alkalinity or scaling salts like calcium carbonate. However, it contains sodium chloride or sodium sulfate that is produced when the stream is neutralized.

One option chosen by many of our clients is to send the effluent from our Metl-X system to a cooling tower. We sanitize it with UV, ozone and/or chlorine and adjust the conductivity meter for blowdown. This process allows for a concreting of the wastewater drain and no more compliance headaches!

The other option is to use a membrane system. As mentioned earlier, up to 75% of wastewater can be economically recycled. The other 25% is called "reject" or "concentrate" and is sent to drain. Zero discharge is a possibility, but evaporating or hauling off the concentrate costs as much as recycling the 75%. Plus, some regulatory agencies will pull permits if no wastewater is discharged. Then, if you have a problem with your membrane system and need to treat conventionally for a few days, you're trapped.

Water recycling using a membrane system is a logical, economical alternative to using more and more water. However, it does require an intelligent operator who can relate to flows, pressures and water quality.

Remember, there is no need to risk your production process by cutting back on water. We can size a membrane system to give you as much water as you want with plenty of room for future expansion.






Our Clients...

“CleanEarth is unique in its approach to water/wastewater in the surface finishing industry.  Their methods have worked for us for more than 14 years in one of our plants and this year we are implementing their new MCRS method in another plant.  We have seen first-hand how they can reclaim up to 80% of our water for re-use and keep our discharge numbers well in compliance.   Jim Edwards is a true partner of ours and has gone the extra mile many times serving our needs.”

Bob Burger
Owner KC Jones Plating, Detroit