METL-X Group of Systems

Most metal finishing operations still use some form of metal hydroxide precipitation with one or more polymers, coagulants, etc. to remove metal ions to acceptable levels.  The primary problem with this method is that ions of different metals precipitate at different pH levels.  So, if you have more than one regulated metal you have to reach a compromise on pH and hope the coagulants and polymers will remove the trace ions left in the water after precipitation.

This chart shows the delimma encountered by every metal-finishing wastewater operator.


Metal hydroxide precipitation with coagulants is a very inefficient and unpredictable method whose time has passed, thanks to CEC’s METL-X systems.

In a nutshell, METL-X systems do not rely on pH to remove metals.  Each system is designed specifically for the wastewater characteristics it will be processing and depends on the specific gravity of each metal ion.

METL-X® systems are designed for specific metals ions when appropriate. 


COPR-X®, NIKL-X®, ZINC-X®, and KROM-X® systems are all designed for specific metal ions and have large capacities.  They also remove other trace metal ions for complete compliance reliability.

If the wastewater stream contains unpredictable metal ion ratios, we install a general METL-X® system that contains an equal amount of all metal-removing media.  A little less capacity overall but always guaranteed - in writing - to beat compliance requirements all the time.

More details on this once the ND document is signed by CEC and your company officers.






Our Clients...

"CleanEarth has reduced our chemical and sludge costs over 70% and the system is very safe and totally reliable. Our copper and chrome are undetectable. We've been with CleanEarth since 1994 and have no plans for changing a good thing. In fact, we just renewed a contract for seven more years."

Frank Carlon
Facilities Manager
IR graphics, Division of IR International Sanston, Virginia