Getting Started

As you can tell we are proud of our work and believe our systems are the best in the world. So do our clients. How else would we be able to offer "The Package" to you?

If you are interested in having us as your wastewater partner, here are the steps we take...

1. Call us to request a process questionnaire, or fill out the online version. The information you give us will allow a quick review of your present methodology and we'll get a go/no go within a few hours.

2. If things look good, we'll provide a Cost/Benefit analysis for your review. This will compare your present process with the system we will recomend for you. The numbers will be within 10% of the final contract numbers.

3. If the CBA looks good to you, we will visit your facility to meet with you and your operators, review your process hands-on and finalize our numbers and schedule.

4. If we both agree to proceed, we will hash out the details of a contract, sign it and officially transfer the monkey from your back to ours. That's it!






Our Clients...

“CleanEarth is unique in its approach to water/wastewater in the surface finishing industry.  Their methods have worked for us for more than 14 years in one of our plants and this year we are implementing their new MCRS method in another plant.  We have seen first-hand how they can reclaim up to 80% of our water for re-use and keep our discharge numbers well in compliance.   Jim Edwards is a true partner of ours and has gone the extra mile many times serving our needs.”

Bob Burger
Owner KC Jones Plating, Detroit