A Few Facts

Up to 95% of sludge is made from the chemicals used to treat water, not from heavy metals and other contaminants which much be removed from the water.

Up to 90% of labor is consumed handling sludge, staging treatment chemicals and re-treating water or babysitting an overworked system.

Up to 80% of wastewater can be economically recycled.

Up to 90% of wastewater treatment cost is used to reduce the last 10% of contaminants.

The more time allowed for treatment of wastewater, the less chemistry, polymer, acid and alkalinity is required.






Our Clients...

"Instead of using twice as much water when we doubled the size of our plant we contracted with CleanEarth Corporation for ten years. They designed and installed a state-of-the-art wastewater minimization system that reclaims 75%-80% of our rinse water. And even better we no longer fear being out of compliance and can concentrate on growing our business. Recycling water is the wave of the future - call CleanEarth!

Dennis Blaugh, President
C&R Plating Corp. Columbia City, Indiana