Non-Disclosure Agreement

CEC operates with a high level of discretion when dealing with client information, methods and procedures.  We expect our clients to return the favor with the technologies, methods and protocols we have developed.  Before we begin a new relationship with you, we ask that both parties execute an ND Agreement to protect all trade secrets and Intellectual Property of both parties.  Please click here to download our NDA.







Our Clients...

"Instead of using twice as much water when we doubled the size of our plant we contracted with CleanEarth Corporation for ten years. They designed and installed a state-of-the-art wastewater minimization system that reclaims 75%-80% of our rinse water. And even better we no longer fear being out of compliance and can concentrate on growing our business. Recycling water is the wave of the future - call CleanEarth!

Dennis Blaugh, President
C&R Plating Corp. Columbia City, Indiana