In 1991, we set out to create a unique company to serve industrial wastewater needs. We spoke to many owners, plant managers, environmental engineers and operators. We had three main questions:

1. What are you doing now?
2. What are your frustrations and fears?
3. What would we need to provide that would give us a competitive edge?

The answer to #1 was almost universal - chemicals. #2 was almost as easy - no support from suppliers (frustration) and beating compliance numbers (fear). #3, was impossible to simplify into a few quick answers. Here are the main concerns we needed to address to gain and keep industrial wastewater clients (random order):

- Reduction in chemical usage and costs
- Reduction in sludge production and costs
- Reduction/re-use of water
- Capital costs of new system absorbed by CEC
- Compliance guarantee from CEC
- Process simplification
- Daily support/operator training from CEC
- Increase in safety margin for operators

After this initial research, we talked to others on the vendor side and were told it was impossible to provide all the above benefits and grow the company to a zillion dollars in revenue.

Whenever we hear "impossible" we dive right in. And sure enough, we proved that we could provide all the benefits our clients wanted.

However, we now realize the competition was right in one regard. We will never reach a zillion dollars in revenue. We've decided we'd rather take care of our clients and grow our business slowly and profitably, letting the big guys fight the quarterly earnings reports and thousands of shareholders.

We answer only to our clients (and our wives of course).

We may not be right for you. You may not be right for us, either. But it's important to find out and neither one of us has much to lose in the effort.

The way I see it, if our roles were reversed and you promised to audit, test, design, engineer, install everything, train everyone, review our performance every shift and pay for all wear and tear, I'd listen to you.

And if you told me you'd have everything up and running before I ever had to pay a penny… and that you guaranteed compliance and would pay the fine - and - you would pay for everything and charge us a monthly fee - most likely less than I'm paying now - I would pick up the phone or email you today.

In any event, we hope you enjoy our site and thank you for your interest.

May God Bless America!

Jim Edwards






Our Clients...

“CleanEarth is unique in its approach to water/wastewater in the surface finishing industry.  Their methods have worked for us for more than 14 years in one of our plants and this year we are implementing their new MCRS method in another plant.  We have seen first-hand how they can reclaim up to 80% of our water for re-use and keep our discharge numbers well in compliance.   Jim Edwards is a true partner of ours and has gone the extra mile many times serving our needs.”

Bob Burger
Owner KC Jones Plating, Detroit